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Become a C.A.S.A. Community Business Partner

If not you, who? If not together, how? If not now, when?

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Join us as we work to ensure that every Foster Youth has a CHAMPION, a CASA volunteer!

As a prominent business leader in San Bernardino County, you provide community residents with; employment opportunities, support the local economy, and invest in your local community. Now you have the opportunity to invest in the future by making a life-long impact.

There are over 5,700 foster children in San Bernardino County. Become a Community BusinesS Partner and help change a life of a foster youth. Commit to sponsor one volunteer/child match for 12 months. A $3,500 a year investment provides:

  • A full background clearance for a New C.A.S.A. volunteer
  • 30 hours of pre-service training to prepare a new community volunteer
  • 12 outings including holiday celebrations for a foster youth
  • 12 continuing education classes for the volunteer to stay informed
  • 100 hours of mentoring and advocacy for a foster youth
  • 12 months of supervised case management to improve foster youth outcomes
  • 1 happier foster youth

Help change one life, become a C.A.S.A. Community Business Partner today!

Invest $3,500 a year and support a volunteer and youth match as they navigate through the overwhelming child welfare system together, hand in hand. Support a volunteer as they mentor and advocate for their youth through the court process, through their school and educational needs, through their physical and mental health needs, and through the challenges of every day life to ensure that they have the opportunity to thrive.

Help transform a life of tragedy into a life of HOPE!