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Sponsor a C.A.S.A. for a Foster Youth

If not you, who? If not together, how? If not now, when?

$12,900 raised

$40,000 goal

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our goal is to reach 300 CASA supporters to set up a monthly recurring gift of $10 or more before the end of the year.

$10 a month, $120 a year will help us transform lives. There are over 230 foster youth on our waitlist, waiting for a C.A.S.A. volunteer.

$10 a month means bringing your lunch to work one day out of the month, it means not purchasing a gourmet coffee twice a month, which in the end really doesn't make a difference in our lives. But that $10 a month makes all the difference in the life of our foster youth.

Please consider giving a gift, help us transform a life of tragedy into a life of hope through your monthly recurring contribution.

Your support helps fund:

  • 100 hours a year of mentoring and advocacy services for each child/youth
  • annual youth events and holiday celebrations
  • 30-hours of pre-service training for each volunteer
  • 1 hour a month of continuing education classes; guest lecturers, and ongoing workshops that prepare volunteers to work with foster youth
  • 12 months of Volunteer Professional Support and supervision: Each volunteer is assigned an Advocate Supervisor that provides ongoing individualized case management, guidance, support, and direction for advocates
  • 1 supported child/youth in foster care with their own personal CHAMPION, their Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Your support is an investment in our community and in a youth's future. As a supporter of C.A.S.A., your tax-deductible gift makes a tremendous difference in our ability to pair caring community volunteers with foster youth who need them. At the same time, consistent monthly monetary gifts helps us manage our program efficiently and effectively, maximizing the dollar value of your contribution that positively impacts the lives of the youth we serve.

Thank you for considering to be our partner,