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Join us in Fostering Brighter Futures for our Youth in Foster Care

Help our youth accomplish their dreams by donating: (November 15 - December 31)

$27,511 raised

$25,000 goal

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Building Brighter Futures with CASA

Our youth in foster care deserve access to every opportunity that will give them a chance at a brighter future, and this holiday season you can help us make that happen. Help us reach 125 new youth in 2022 by pairing them up with their very own CASA Champion who will fight for their best interest and above all be their support system to help them accomplish their dreams.

"I want to graduate with honors," "I want to learn how to drive," "I want to play on my high school team," "I want to take art and dance classes," "I want to start my career," "I want to go to college," "I want to visit with my brother and sister" - CASA Youth -

Your donations give CASA the ability to pair our community's most vulnerable youth with dedicated and passionate community volunteers. CASA Volunteers establish a one-on-one relationship with their youth which provides them with support, stability, advocacy, mentoring, access to resources, and so much more to help them accomplish their dreams.

Please help us give our youth the one thing that they need to have a brighter future-someone who cares!

As a CASA volunteer I know first hand of the many challenges that our youth face day-in-and-day-out, but I also know how strong and resilient our youth are. I wanted to take this time to share my CASA volunteer story with you with the hopes that you would share our campaign and the CASA story with your friends and family.

Thank you,

Cesar Navarrete

Executive Director & CASA Volunteer